Guat Trip 3/11 - 3/18


This country and it's people will forever have my heart. What an experience! I'm so grateful for all of the crazy, memorable moments shared with my best friends -- especially handing out the 80 pairs of brand new shoes with my best friend, Katie!

From pouring numerous concrete floors in the houses of those in need, to sack races in the Caribbean Sea with the little Guatemalan kiddos, this trip was not one to forget. My week was spent not only getting to know better those that came on the trip with me, but developing a grasp on how life works for those that live there. It was such a cultural shock -- a much needed culture shock! 

In today's world, it is so easy to get caught up in the fast pace schedules. The week I spent 1,478 miles away from home was a week of solitude, peace, and pure Jesus. I never kept track of the time or day of the week -- there wasn't a care in the world other than for those we were serving! 

Although there were many great parts that made the trip unforgettable, the best part (of course) was the humbling feeling of personally giving out a brand new pair of shoes for the first time. I still remember it like it was yesterday -- the recipient was a little boy whose face lit up like his whole world had been changed. Those kids had never received a nice gift like that, and it wasn't about the shoes, it was about the fact that a total stranger loved them so much as to cross oceans and prove their love for them. To be able to be the giver of such a gift is the most unbelievable feeling. 

All of the glory goes to God himself. I'm so thankful he's chosen me for this journey. Until next year Guatemala!